Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  Where can I get accommodation?                                 

  Please refer to this link for information on accommodation in Freiberg (   students/housing)

  You can get housing in the student dorms or find a private apartment to be shared with other students (called a WG-Wohnung gemeinshaft).

  We advise applying for a room in the Student dorms as soon as you receive your admission. These rooms are furnished and perfect for international students just coming in to Germany.

  Contact Persons:

  Dr. Rieß, Christiane                                                                                                                                 Office hours

  Head of Housing Department and Head of Administration Department

  Phone: 03731 383454 Fax: 03731 383102

  Address: Agricolastraße 14/16 09599 Freiberg

  Uhlig, Martina

  Rent accounting clerk and loan payback responsible

  Phone: 03731 383131 Fax: 03731 383192

  Address: Agricolastraße 14-16, 09599 Freiberg Office Wohnen, Mietbuchhaltung


What things should I bring with me from home that I can’t get in Germany?

Well, since we have a restricted flight baggage allowance, our advice after speaking to different African students

would be:

Bring your culture. Finding yourself in a foreign country results in an awareness and appreciation of one's uniqueness. You've never owned your home country flag? Well now is the time to look for one and bring it along. The cultural programs organized by the IUZ (international university centre) and AKAS (a group of students who organize events to bring international and German students together) will require you at some point in time to showcase your culture and country. By being in a foreign country, you become an ambassador for your people.

Now, do your country proud :)

Some suggestions for cultural items are: clothing, jewellery and accessories, music and musical instruments (if you can play them), art.

Food items. As much as globalisation means everything is available everywhere, it doesn’t mention at what price. Your mentor and other African/international students will help orient you in the supermarkets as to what to use as suitable substitutes to food items you are familiar with. But nothing beats those home grown ingredients and specialities.

Some suggestions would be West African pepper and other speciality spices and herbs, palm oil, dried fish, East African tea bags/coffee,spices, traditional effective medicines/remedies. If it is compact and not to heavy, try bring it along.

Female/Male hair products. African hair products are available in the large cities but at a higher price. Stock up on what you think you will need: hair braids, hair oil, treatment, etc. Men get some Clippers that you can then use to self style your hair.

Monday: 10:00 – 12:00Uhr, 13:30 – 15: 00 Uhr


Tuesday: 10:00 – 12:00Uhr, 13:30 – 16: 00 Uhr


Wednesday: 10:00 – 12:00Uhr, 13:30 – 15: 00 Uhr


Thursday : 10:00 – 12:00Uhr, 13:30 – 16: 30 Uhr

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